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“Mother stem cells guide” is the web interface of a medical project created to promote medical education about stem cells to expectant parents, parents, health care professionals or general public interested in this exciting field.

Remarkable medical advances from the last 3 decades has brought stem cell field more close to us than we ever thought.

choosing stem cells banking

Following the first successful umbilical cord blood transplant performed in 1988, by Eliane Gluckman, New York Blood Center's National Cord Blood Program was established in 1992, as the world's first public cord blood bank.

On the same year it was founded Cord Blood Registry as the first private bank offering to families cord blood storing services at birth of their children.

Since then worldwide have been performed more than 40 000 cord blood transplants, the great majority of them with cord blood units released from public banks.

Therefore, nowadays, you as parents have the possibility to decide what you want to do with your baby's stem cells available after birth in so called "perinatal sources" (cord blood, umbilical cord tissue, placenta, amniotic membranes)

For some, it’s not an easy decision having 3 options to choose from:

  1. Donate your child’s cord blood in a public bank, to be available for stem cells transplant for any unrelated patient, immunological compatible.
  2. Preserve your child’s umbilical cord blood and maybe, also other perinatal stem cells sources in a family bank, for autologous (own) or related allogeneic clinical application. This option would involve a financial investment and also, some limitations which you have to be aware upfront.
  3. Refuse all these 2 above options, and accept the traditional biological waste disposal process of the umbilical cord and placenta.

Getting the information in a balanced and documented manner respecting the rigorous standards and regulations of research and clinical activity ensures the warranty of taking the correct decision by you, as future parents.

This blog aims:

  • To be the source of useful information that supports you during the decision-making process.
  • To keep updated you and anyone who is interested in this continuous developing field, updated with news from stem cells banking, stem cells transplant and emerging regenerative medicine
  • To provide useful information and results of latest research from connected domains, such as pregnancy, children’s developmental and useful books for mothers and children.

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