The influence of relaxing techniques in pregnancy

Is it important to take into consideration relaxing techniques in pregnancy?

Even though many of us consider themselves to be well balanced  and adaptable women, able to handle strong emotions, stress, multitasking job and relationships?

The answer is YES.

We are modern women, with high confidence and self esteem, which is so great. But in pregnancy,even us have to slow down a little bit the rhythm of our everyday life.


Because pregnancy is the most amazing, but also the most challenging period from a woman’s life.

Being pregnant is an entirely new condition for you. The experience of pregnancy is unique not only from your body changes perspective but especially from emotional and spiritual perspective.

For the first time you are living new feelings, emotions, suddenly mood changes, intensive joy and happiness but also, incertitude or fear at the same time.

Things, events, gestures or words which didn't count for you or were totally ignored before, now can get a different value, because your sensitivity and perception is changing.

And all of these are lived not only by you, but also by the new soul which is getting shape into your womb.

The short and long term impact of what a child has experienced during the entire pregnancy has been started to be explored by researchers only in the last decades.

The link between mother’s distress during pregnancy and the health condition of the child are starting to be more clearly proven.

The results of a comparative study were published in the journal “Infant Behavior and Development” in 2014. It confirms the positive impact that meditations in pregnancy can have on the behavior of children.

From all relaxing techniques in pregnancy, meditation is one of the most effective and easy to do.  


The relationship between mother and her unborn child begins to develop from the first months of pregnancy.

He perceives not only his mother’s voice, her touch but also all the psycho-emotional states through which she passes, as it was shown through ultrasound examination.

A mother to be with a positive tone, who fully enjoys all the unique feelings that every a pregnancy brings to her life, is the best start for the child's harmonious psychological and emotional development.

Depression, anxiety or distress in pregnancy can induce temperamental, emotional, attention and behavioral difficulties in childhood.

Thus, during pregnancy it is more than necessary to give yourself and your child at least 30 minutes of daily relaxation and harmonization with yourself and with him.

Meditations, 13-minutes audio relaxation programs and other relaxing techniques in pregnancy, such as yoga and therapeutic massage are effective not only for improving mother’s and child’s health before, during and after birth,  but also for preparing  them for birth and how  the baby is being born.

These relaxation techniques in pregnancy have also been proven effective in reducing the risk of premature birth.

Low levels of cortisol present in the umbilical cord blood of pregnant women who have practiced relaxation techniques in pregnancy have been correlated with a decrease of prenatal birth stress and a better adaptability of the fetus to birth, with potential predictive value on the child's subsequent temperament.

I am inviting you to experience by yourself the effect of relaxation by listening meditation music


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