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Perinatal stem cells banking an open window to the future of medicine?
Research from the last years have shown that besides cord blood, the fetal annexes (umbilical cord tissue, placenta, amniotic membranes) represent reach sources of a diversity types of stem cells and progenitors.
These are in generally referred to as perinatal stem cells and may represent an important source of cells to be used in the future for currently standard treatments or in regenerative medicine.
Collection of these tissues is free of any risk, nor for newborn or for mother, representing the most safest, simple and non-invasive mean of getting stem cells.
Used from a single source or in different combination these cells have the potential to be used for saving lives or for increasing  the quality of life.
Patients having one of the current standard indication of hematopoietic stem cells transplant or a degenerative disease may benefit today or in the future from the treatment with perinatal stem cells.

How long can be used a frozen cord blood unit?

Or in other words, which is the validity term of a frozen cord blood unit? How long can remain viable the stem cells from a frozen cord blood unit? Maintaining cell viability is the most important feature that condition the use or not of a cord blood unit for transplant. So, providing an answer is…
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