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Water in pregnancy – an easy tool for monitoring body water balance

Is it true that the intake of water in pregnancy has to be increased? How much water do I have to drink during my pregnancy? How can I assess if I’m drinking enough water? What are the benefits related with a good body water balance in pregnancy Water is a simple liquid or is it…
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The influence of relaxing techniques in pregnancy

Is it important to take into consideration relaxing techniques in pregnancy? Even though many of us consider themselves to be well balanced  and adaptable women, able to handle strong emotions, stress, multitasking job and relationships? The answer is YES. We are modern women, with high confidence and self esteem, which is so great. But in…
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Ultrasound in pregnancy – evaluation during first trimester

Technological advances achieved in the last years have contributed to increase the performance of ultrasound in pregnancy. So, now it’s possible to evaluate and monitor the development from very early stages of the embryo. By the end of the 4th week of pregnancy, the product of conception have attained a diameter of 2 to 3…
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