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Real life stories of patients undergoing stem cells therapies
This  category contains testimonials on the personal experience of patients with different diseases treated with stem cells, as they are made public worldwide.
These stories present the life experience of patients who undergone hematopoietic stem cells transplant or one of the experimental treatment (gene therapy, celullar therapy or immunotherapy) currently applied in or out of clinical trials.
Each such a story reflect the individual experience of the patient, and no matter if the outcome is positive or negative it’s important to be seen only like this.
In modern medicine more and more it is highlighted the requirement of applying a “personalized treatment” or a “tailored treatment” which take into consideration all the individual characteristic of the patient, not only the disease which he suffers of.
The focus is translated from the disease to the patient.
Therefore it’s important to be informed about other experiences, but also to see them with objectivity when it comes to take a personal decision.
Such a decision always has to be taken together with the patient’s treating physician.

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