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Stem cell therapy brings good news for patients with heart failure

Patients with heart failure may benefit of the emerging stem cell therapy according to the recently published results of the RIMECARD Trial. Improvements in the heart's pumping ability of the patients, in their capacity to perform the normal daily activities and in general, in the quality of their life. These were the main outcomes observed…
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Stem cell therapy a new approach for intractable epileptic seizures

1. Stem cell therapy, why is necessary a new treatment in epilepsy? Existing anti-epileptic drugs (AED) have limited efficiency in approximately 30 % of patients, experiencing intractable epileptic seizures, so called drug-resistant epilepsy. Stem cell therapy may be a safe and promising new therapeutic approach for these patients, according to the results of a recently…
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Gene therapy for Wiskott-Aldrich Syndrome cautiously encouraging first results

Gene therapy is one of the current challenges of the modern medicine. To be able to correct the genetic defect hereditary transmitted in the family or acquired during pregnancy (de novo mutation) theoretical would be the best treatment. But the translation from theory to clinical application is sprinkled by many questions that require answers from…
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A new potential treatment addressing neurological challenges of congenital hydrocephalus

What may be the role of stem cell therapy for neurological and cognitive deficiency associated with congenital hydrocephalus? Recent studies have brought a new perspective on the growth and development of nerve cells (neurogenesis) during embryonic and fetal stages. In congenital hydrocephalus has been shown an alteration of this process resulting in a detachment of…
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