Who we are

Speranta Arciudean

Speranta Arciudean MD, founder of motherstemcells.com blog.

This is a medical project created to promote accurate, scientific supported medical education about stem cells to expectant parents, parents, health care professionals or general public interested in this exciting field.

With more than 10 years experience in the field of stem cells banking, working as medical consultant and for the last 5 years as head of medical department I am committed to achieve this goal.

I had the opportunity of directly contributing to developing and implementating the medical educational programs and the trainings addressed to future parents and general public, but also to professional medical teams involved in the collection of perinatal stem cells.

Working at the first and the biggest stem cells bank in Romania I had the possibility of coordinating the implementation of new stem cells product and to write the medical documentation necessary for the submission and approval of the first clinical study on the usage of cord blood stem cells in regenerative medicine, in Romania.

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